GIA Asia Training Conference

Teachers became the students at the start of the academic year, enhancing our knowledge in education and engaging in meaningful discussion in schools in China, Taiwan and Japan. For new teachers, an introduction to the GIA framework was delivered with in-depth discussions taking place around ethos, values and the mission of GIA. There was also more focused training on Student Centred Learning and Differentiation to ensure that all students can achieve in school and that their interests are acknowledged in the classroom environment. Teachers also took part in crucial training around Safeguarding, which is fundamental to the academic and social progress of our students. Finally, training took place around Effective Online Teaching, with discussions around how we can continue to utilise the tools we have been using online beyond a Covid-19 world. Some training was able to take part in schools, with others via video conferencing. Learning is continuous, even after we leave school and we are always trying to find and share new ways to improve the lives of our students.

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