José Roberto Tavares de Oliveira, Commercial Director of the GIA Latin America Office

Dear reader I would like to introduce myself as the Commercial Director of the Latin America Office for Griggs International Academy.

First though, here is a little about me and our office that is based in Brazil.

I have been working with Education since 1998. Started my career as an Office Assistant of an international publisher and worked in different areas in the educational field. My wife also works with Education so I have the opportunity to discuss and learn a lot with her. We have a boy that is 12 years old and we are working hard to provide an opportunity to enroll him in our Top-up Program in the near future.

I've started working for Griggs International Academy in 2015. At that time our program was in the beginning with only 2 affiliate schools operating the Program. Nowadays we have several educational institutions offering our program and we are very proud of the quality offered, the progress of our affiliate schools and the results reached by our students.

I work closely with my partner Karem Ragnev who is the Academic Director for Latin America and with our Global Director, Mr Stephen Rivers. Together we work hard every day to improve the quality of the program and services offered in our region to all our affiliate schools and our students. I am sure that the GIA schools in our region will continue their great success and they can count on our support.

Our team is very excited with this project called the Rise Up Program, since we'll be able to publicize news related to our students, their achievements, talents in the performing arts, sciences and sports.

I'd like to thank Lisa Kerr, Director of the GIA China Office and her team for creating this blog.


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