The Festive Season in China

People all around the world celebrate Christmas with their own traditions, passed on through generations. Christmas is a time to celebrate hope and to be with those most dear to you.

Traditions are also passed down through generations of students at schools in the GIA family in China. Many schools celebrate with a feast and Christmas performances, and the sharing of gifts. Here is just a small snapshot into the Christmas celebrations from the GIA programs at Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School, Zhongshan Whampoa World College, Heifei Ivy Experimental Academy, and Kunshan International School.

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School

Zhongshan Whampoa World College – GIA Program

Kunshan International School – American Program

Heifei Ivy Experimental Academy

As we enter 2021, supporting our students and teachers continues to be of great importance. We often find ourselves focused on just getting things done and forget to look up occasionally to see the good things that are happening around us, and they are still happening. We must also pay particular attention to how we are feeling and know it's okay to feel sad at times but talking through how we feel can be a huge help. To all of us at GIA China, to the students, parents, teachers, and administrators, I hope 2021 can bring hope, peace and quiet contentment.

Best wishes,

Lisa Kerr

Director, Griggs China Office

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