ZWIE Opening Ceremony

We hold the opening ceremony of the first semester 20-21 academic school year together with the Guangzhou International Middle School Huangpu ZWIE on Aug 28th.

The opening ceremony began with the acappella show “Auld Lang Syne”.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, chairman of the board of ZWIE group James Wong is still in Hong kong. Mr. James welcomed all students and shared the achievements and progresses that we made for last academic school year since 2020 is a special time for people in the world. He presented that one person could go fast, but we could walk more steadily and further as a group. Mr. Wong hope that ZWIE family could grow together, help each other.

Principal of K9 Peggy Zhai made an encouraged speech and introduced the school year plan to all students, teachers and parents. Ms. Peggy shared the GIA philosophy and mission to all audiences and suggested our students using GIA four key values “Dignity, Honor, Respect and Integrity” to help their studies of new knowledge and effective methods to explore the world.

Students prepared for performances during the orientation week. High school students Ashley, Amy and Sally sung a song “Smile is the whole”.

Iris sang a song “Get rid of blues “and Ken accompanied it with his guitar.

Father of Kevin Zhao gave a speech as a representative of parents. He shared that he helped Kevin Zhao built a goal to be a Michelin chief when Kevin was a kid. He mentioned that parents are guidance for helping their child to develop interests during the process of growing up. Kids might face anxiety and stress when the new semester began, they might have more difficulties for future studies. He believe that holding goals and never slacking will help all students achieve success.

At last, all students wrote down their dreams for academic year plan and the general principal of ZWIE group Jason Cui wished a better development for our students.

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